History of our business

Horticulture:  Having studied horticulture both in Warrenstown Horticulture College and in University College Dublin since leaving school, and having gained experience in many aspects of the trade both in Ireland and in Germany, I set up my fruit growing enterprise in 1999.

This interest in growing plants, particularly food plants, was something I had developed at an early stage as a child, and I eventually decided to pursue this as a career.

Farming:  However not coming from a farming background, and with my family not owning any land, it was difficult to set up a business which by nature requires land as the first prerequisite!  So for the first few years, we managed by working and living on various rented premises, until in 2002 we managed to acquire a small plot of a few acres of land near Lusk, which is where we now live, and where we grow our fruit.  In 2010 we have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to extend our holding in Lusk by an additional 3 acres.  We plan to initially use this in 2011 by planting addional fruit trees.

In the beginning we grew just apples, and bit by bit we progressed into apple juice production, cider, vinegar, and also grapes and wine. Recently we have ventured into planting pears, cherries and strawberries, and we also now have a small flock of hens rambling through the fruit trees and vines, laying the tastiest eggs.

2010 has been an exciting year because we have planted our first orchard of cherries and pears, as well as strawberries and additional vines.

2011 promises to also mark further progress as we hope to plant additional apple trees of special varieties, more vines, some nut trees, and some quince trees to make the most delicious quince jelly.