Our Philosophy

Our philosophy by which we grow our crops and use the fruits of those crops is simple. We aim to produce the best quality, both in terms of flavour, and wholesomeness.

Our fruit is not “organic”, but we grow it with the minimum use of any pesticides. In effect this actually means that we almost never use sprays, not even “organically approved” pesticides. For example, our apple orchard has never been sprayed since we planted it, and nor has our vineyard!  If the crop were suddenly threatened with a potentially devastating pest or disease, then we would not rule out taking measures to protect the crop, just as I would go to the doctor if I had to get treatment for some serious illness!

When we use our fruit to produce juice, cider, wine, or vinegar, we use the same rule. We do not add sugar to sweeten, we do not use preservatives, colours, flavours, or such additives.

In a nutshell:   Wholesomeness – Quality – Simplicity – Flavour