Farmers Markets

3 Markets: Every weekend we set up our market stall at our three Dublin farmers’ Markets

Saturday: Temple Bar Food Market, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. 9am – 5pm. Located right in the heart of the city, this is a compact and diverse food market with a lot of top quality food on offer, from fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats etc to a colourful choice of hot food. You’ll find us in the centre of the Square – just look for the huge display of apples and follow your nose to our steaming pot of spiced apple juice!

Saturday: Honest 2 Goodness, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin. 9am – 3pm. This is a new addition to our weekly market routine, and we are really happy that we can now serve customers in the North City. H2G has been running for several years now, and has developed an excellent reputation for quality artisan traders, selling a wide range of produce, from fruits, vegetables and plants to meats, cheeses and baked goods. It is a proper shoppers market, where customers come from all around North Dublin and beyond, specially to do their grocery shopping. There is a spacious cafe area, which is always buzzing, and there is loads of parking right beside the market.

Sunday: The Peoples’ Park, Dun Laoghaire. 10am to 5pm. This is a large food and craft market set in the beautiful Peoples’ Park. There is a huge range of artisan foods, hot food, ethnic food, and various crafts on offer. This market is worth ‘making a day of it’ in good weather, where you can picnic on the grass and enjoy the food and the buzz. Again look for our display of Irish apples and our colourful table of our various bottled juices and vinegars.

Range: Here you can get our complete range of products, from our fruits as they are in season, and our juices, ciders, vinegars and wine. In the Autumn for a limited time, we also offer fresh-pressed apple juice for fermenting into cider in the comfort of your own home! We press this juice specially for cider-making, using a carefully selected blend of special cider apples and other apple varieties. We also prepare our delicious Orchard Glow mulled apple juice, all year round, which you can enjoy with a complementary dash of Calvados apple brandy if you wish.

Special Orders: Also, if you have any special order which you would like to collect from our stall, you can contact us by phone in advance and we will bring it in for you.

Juice for Cider-making: Cider-apple-juice, fresh-pressed and ready to ferment (nothing else required), is packed in 5litre and 20litre containers. These containers can also be used as fermentation vessels. Please note that this is freshly pressed juice, and is not pasteurised, therefore it is only available fresh from the apple press while cider apples are in season from September to November. For this purpose we carefully blend different varieties of apple which will give the right balance of acidity, tannins and aroma in the finished cider, when allowed to naturally ferment to dryness. This fresh cider-apple-juice is available at our market stall for the limited time when it is in season.