Premium quality from Irish Orchards

When we started in 1999, we were just growing apples and selling them.  Then partly out of a financial necessity to add value to our apples, and partly because trying new and adventurous things always gives me a buzz, we started on a journey of developing an exciting range of unique products.

The first of these was apple juice, which is the logical first step from the fresh apple. We sought to make our juices unique by using only best quality fruit as opposed to using reject and inferior fruit, and also to cater for different peoples’ tastes by carefully blending different apple varieties to come up with a range of juices varying in sweetness and sharpness.

Our next product was cider, which again is the most logical natural step after apple juice, because all you need is a natural fermentation to turn the juice into cider!  After mastering the art of making a superior natural cider, we turned our attention to vinegar, because, once again a natural fermentation process turns the cider into vinegar!

So now we have a spectrum of natural products ranging from fresh apples to unique vinegars, and parallel to these we produce other fruits, grapes and wine. Lately we have also started producing perry, or pear wine, which in its true form is a little-known but very elegant and delicate drink, produced from pears by the normal processes of wine-making.

With all of our fresh fruits, and with whatever products we create from them, our motto is ‘wholesomeness, quality, simplicity, and flavour’.