Double L Irish Cider – Real Cider from Irish Apples

Irish Cider

I consider a good cider no less noble than a good wine.  When I started experimenting with cider-making, there was no Irish cider availble in Ireland which could qualify as ‘Real’ cider, so I called our Double L ‘Ireland’s Only Real Cider’.  This statement is no longer true, because there are now a few other small-scale cidermakers in the country who are making good cider.

False cider (‘pseudocider’)

Unlike the strict laws which govern how wine is made from grapes, there are no such regulations for Irish cider, not even a mandatory minimum apple content!  The result is that all well-known brands of Irish cider have dumbed themselves down to a concoction of water, sugar, apple concentrate, and some token fresh-pressed apples to give an illusion of authenticity.  It saddens me how such a product is allowed to be labelled as ‘cider’.  Can you imagine if it were legally permissible to make a ‘beverage’ out of water, sugar, some grape juice, red colourant and grape flavour, and label it and sell it as ‘red wine’?

Real Cider

True cider is essentially an apple wine, made by fermenting the juice pressed out of apples in the same way as wine is made by fermenting the juice pressed from grapes. The natural sugar present in the juice of the fruit is fermented to alcohol by yeast, and the result is a wholesome healthy beverage, which is not only good for you, but is also, conveniently, the simplest and most natural way to preserve the apple fruit and the goodness it contains.  No need for high-tech, no need for refridgeration, freezing, cooking, pasteurising, preservatives etc – it just needs to be kept sealed from the air once it’s fermented!  To learn all you need to know about cidermaking, especially if you want to make your own, all you need is Andrew Lea’s website: If you’d like to join others who share the passion of making real cider online, ask questions, join discussions, or just read and observe, then subscribe to

Double L

We make our Double L Irish Cider from Irish apples only, and we use various apple varieties for the process. Over the years we have made single varieties of cider from different apples, and various blends of apples, but following years of experimenting and searching for what gives the best results we have settled on a general blend of apple varieties for our main cider production. In this blend the Dabinett apple is very important, and we use a range of various sweet dessert apple varieties, and some of the Bramley apple. The exact blend varies from year to year depending on how the different apples develop in the season, and on the results of our own tasting and judgement, as to what blending will give us the desired result.

Although we have made, and will also in the future make, single variety ciders, our currently available mainstays are our ‘Bone Dry’ and our ‘Medium Dry’.

Double L is Irish Cider as it should be! No water, no sugar, no pussy-footing!