Double L Bone Dry Cider

The Cider

This cider is completely dry as in Brut dry champagne, (not as in ‘Brut’ cider from Normandy which I consider relatively sweet).

It is a cider which easily replaces dry white wine with a meal, or for enjoying on its own. The lack of sweetness allows the more delicate apple fruitiness to come to the fore.  Despite being dry, careful blending of the right apple varieties gives a cider which is not actually sour, but has rather a refreshing acidity just right to carry the flavours. The strength is 6% ABV.


Celebrity Chef Richard Corrigan has used our Real Cider to poach pears for a delicious dessert for his new series ‘Corrigan Cooks Naturally’, to be aired on RTE1 in Autumn 2010.  Richard made a good move in using cider instead of wine (they were absolutely delicious!), but as soon as I have some of my proper cooking pears ready, I must get some of them to him, as the ordinary shop pears just aren’t quite the real thing!  The moment I have my hands on Richard’s recipe, I’ll post it on the site.