Fruits of the Orchard & Vineyard

Apples:  We sell Irish apples almost all year round, from the early August apples which herald the apple season to the very last of the stored Jonagold apples which are the ‘keepers’ – last to be harvested, and keeping the longest. If we don’t have our own apples in stock, we source them from one or two of the best Irish apple growers.

“You cant beat a good Irish apple!” Indeed the best fruit is always that which is grown locally and allowed to develop its full flavour on the tree, rather than being picked prematurely and shipped 10,000 miles from the other side of the planet. We are only interested in selling and using fruit grown here in Ireland. This year we have planted a small pear orchard and cherry orchard. We expect our first cherries in 2011, but we have a small amount of pears on offer in the Autumn of this year.

Grapes:  We have been growing grapes both for eating and for wine for several years now, and our customers at the markets eagerly await the incomparable flavour of our freshly picked dessert grapes when they come into season each autumn.

Other Fruits:  This has been our first season growing strawberries as a serious crop for sale at our market stall, and they have been a huge success.  I have been genuinely surprised at how people remark on their flavour as they return to buy them week after week.  In 2010 we also had our first crop of delicious pears, and in 2011 we will have our first crop of cherries.  Since acquiring a few acres of neighbouring land in 2010, we are now fantacising about what other interesting fruits we should consider planting!  Suggestions welcome!