Llewellyn`s Premium Irish Apple Juice

Our apple juice is pressed from 100% Irish apples, both grown by us in Lusk, and sourced from some of the best apple growers in Ireland. Some producers of ‘Irish’ apple juice use imported apples, and press and bottle the juice in Ireland, but we make a point of using only Irish apples. Apart from the fact that using Irish apples supports Irish apple-growing, I feel that the quality of fresh premium Irish apples is better than that of imported fruit. I like to use the best of the fruit for my apple juice, not just the inferior ‘grade-outs’, and I like to see the crop on the trees before harvest, and taste the apples, before I decide a crop is good enough for our apple juice.

The production of the apple juice is a very simple process, which involves the shredding of the fresh apples to a pulp, and then pressing the juice from this pulp. The fresh-pressed juice is allowed to settle overnight in a tank to allow the coarse sediment to settle, and the next day it is filled into bottles. No preservatives are used – the filled bottles are simply immersed in hot water at around 75°C to pasteurise the juice, and the lids are tightened. A small amount of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is added to the apple pulp before pressing, to help the juice retain its fresh colour and flavour, and to stop it oxidising. Apart from this, no sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavours or additives of any kind are used. The juice is not filtered, so it has a cloudy appearance and a rich thick texture.

We make, at the moment, only pure ‘no-nonsense’ apple juice, without other fruits or flavours blended in!  But we do produce 3 different varieties of apple juice, to cater for peoples’ different tastes in sweetness and sharpness. Having done tastings of different single variety apple juices with people in my early days, I was amazed how varied peoples’ tastes can be, literally just like Jack Spratt and his wife!