Orchard Glow mulled apple juice

This is our unique recipe of spiced apple juice, which makes a surprisingly delicious and warming alternative to mulled wine. Basically I developed this recipe towards the end of the last century. I certainly seem to have hit on something good, as it’s the trademark many people seem to remember our Market Stall for, especially in cold weather, and quite a few customers make the pilgrimage to the Stall just to get their hands around a hot cup of Orchard Glow. We prepare the Orchard Glow each market day fresh at the Stall, and serve it hot in paper cups.

We also sell bottles of ready-prepared Orchard Glow to customers who wish to enjoy it at home – you simply heat it up to the desired serving temperature. It is delicious on its own, but many people prefer it enhanced with a shot of whiskey. Our bottled Orchard Glow is now also available in selected retail outlets. For details you can contact us and enquire.

Orchard Glow not only tastes good, but its vitamins and spices seem to do good too. Many people have told me it has helped with symptoms of colds or flu, and many swear by it as a cure for a hangover!