Cabernet / Merlot

Medium bodied, fruity, slightly oaked , dry red wine made in Lusk from our grapes grown on Lusk soil. This wine is now by far the main wine we produce.

Availability: The 2014 vintage is currently available. I consider the 2014 vintage to be one of the best wines we have made so far, during this venture into viticulture in Ireland! Our friends at have given us their professional tasting notes for this vintage:

“Deep ruby red in colour. On the nose there are harmonious aromas of blackcurrants, green herbs, green peppers, mint, black pepper and vanilla. The palate is dry with medium acidity and firm yet well-balanced tannins. Ripe, dark fruit flavours of blackcurrants, plums, damsons and redcurrants. Towards the finish there are more spicy elements such as vanilla and black pepper.”

The wine is available in full and half bottles. If you would like to reserve some of this wine, please contact us.