Rich thick syrup made by evaporating pure fresh apple juice

We have added another very interesting product to our range. This is a syrup made completely naturally by evaporating pure apple juice. It takes about 15 kg of fresh apples to produce 1 litre of this rich thick syrup. It is of course richly sweet, but it has a wonderful flavour, and the intense sweetness is offset by a pronounced tanginess. You see, when we evaporate and concentrate the fresh juice, not only is the natural sweetness concentrated, but also the acidity and all the flavour components of the apples.

Our Apple Syrup has almost endless potential in the kitchen: It can be used as a sweetener on breakfast cereals, in desserts, baking, sauces, even as a spread on bread! It can be used in savoury dishes, as a component of salad dressings, gravies, as a glaze on roast meats especially ham.

If you wish to bake a ham, I strongly suggest you try this out: Make a very simple glaze by mixing 2 parts Apple Syrup to 1 part dry mustard powder. Simply mix well in a bowl, and apply generously to the scored skin of the ham before putting in the oven to bake. You won’t believe how delicious this is, yet so simple to make! That same mixture can be used as a condiment with ham, and is delicious spread on cold ham in a sandwich.

Our Apple Syrup is not available in many shops, but you can get it from us at one of our Farmers Market stalls. We have it available in 280g and 1080g bottles.